Malpighi Pathology Academy Foundation

About us 

The Foundation "Malpighi Pathology Academy" has exclusively scientific and cultural aims and intends to gather together those who promote and commit themselves to expand and coordinate the study of, and the scientific and cultural progress in, the field of Pathological Anatomy and Histology and to disseminate its application.

Specifically, the Foundation will pursue the objectives that follow:

  • to promote and disseminate the study and research in the field of Pathological Anatomy and Histology
  • to develop and promote a sustained activity of professional education and update of those attending, with educational programs related to Pathological Anatomy and Oncologic Pathology
  • to build programs and contexts in which the theme of Pathological Anatomy and Histology encourages an organic response, in syntony and synergy with other initiatives and contexts
  • to organize scientific meetings, as well as educational programs related to Pathological Anatomy and Histology
  • to promote study initiatives and scientific research with specific goals, also in collaborations with other scientific societies or entities
  • to carry out the governance of activities, structures, relationships and assets that the Foundation will realize.

In order to reach its aims the Foundation might, in addition, pursue the activities that follow:

 to stipulate agreements and contracts meant to entrust to third parties parts of its activities, as well as specific studies and consultations;

to participate in associations, entities and institutions, public and private, whose activity is oriented, directly or indirectly, to pursue aims similar to those of the Foundation itself; the Foundation might, if deemed appropriate, participate to the establishment of said organisms. The Foundation might also establish or participate in other society that are involved in activities instrumental in pursuing statutory aims;

 to promote and organize events, conferences, meetings, seminaries, teaching courses, exhibitions, and to proceed to the publication of the related acts and documents, and to all the initiatives and events suitable to promote an integral contact between the Foundation, the agents operating in the sectors of activity of the Foundation, and the Public;

to institute and deliver awards and grants to carry out research and educational programs, investigations of statistical/epidemiological, genetic/metabolic, neurobiological type, and/or related to any field of relevance to Pathological Anatomy and Histology;

to pursue educational activities through the institution of schools, courses, seminaries, relevant to sectors of interest to the Foundation;

to pursue, as accessory and instrumental in reaching statutory aims, marketing activities of didactic material, especially as related to the printing and audio-visual sectors and to its diffusion via the world wide web;

to pursue fund raising activities aimed at realizing and supporting its initiatives;

upon consideration of the structures in whose favor the Foundation will pursue its activitiy, the Foudation itself will:

preventively evaluate the management features implemented by the structures;

offer the direct knowledge and the network of available relationships in order to better direct and frame the management features of the structures, including the formation phase;

participate in and support the establishment, initiation and continuity of the appropriate management features of the different structures;

effect any other suitable or supportive activity in pursuance of the institutional aims.

Franco Fedeli, M.D. 

President of Malpighi Pathology Academy Foundation

Franco Fedeli graduated in Medicine at the University of Bologna in 1978, was pathology resident in University of Parma and subsequently worked  in Reggio Emilia and in Bologna in Surgical Pathology Department. He became Chief of the Department of Pathology in La Spezia Hospital in 1998. One of his unique attributes is an enduring motivation to organize training courses to facilitate the availability of high level pathology education (provided by international speakers) in his beloved Italy. Since 1999, in collaboration with Comitato Assistenza Malati dell'Ing Perioli, he has invited many well-known pathologists to whom he is grateful for having accepted invitations to teach and expand the knowledge of Italian and International pathologists. These are instantly recognizable names, most dominantly linked to USCAP:  Juan Rosai MSKCC (USA),  Glauco Frizzera Cornell University (USA), Lorenzo Cerroni  University of Graz (Austria),  Fattaneh Tavassoli Yale University (USA), Vincenzo Eusebi University of Bologna (Italy), Stefano Pileri University of Bologna (Italy), Fabio Facchetti University of Brescia (Italy), Thomas Krausz University of Chicago (USA), Attilio Orazi Cornell University (USA), Saul Suster Medical College of Wisconsin (USA), Bruce Wenig  Beth Israel Medical Center (USA), Jonathan Epstein Johns Hopkins (USA), Elizabeth Montgomery Johns Hopkins (USA), Krishnan Unni  Mayo Clinic (USA), Franco Bertoni University of Bologna (Italy), Robert Young MGH (USA), John Goldblum Cleveland Clinic (USA), Tarik Elsheikh Cleveland Clinic (USA), Jan Silverman Allegheny General Hospital (USA) , Mark Wick University of Virginia (USA), Steven Billings Cleveland Clinic USA),  Stuart Schnitt Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center (USA), Laura Collins Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center(USA), Edi Brogi MSKCC (USA), Thomas Colby Mayo Clinic (USA), Victor Reuter MSKCC (USA), Jeffry Myers (USA), Rodolfo Montironi University of Ancona (Italy), Carlos Manivel University of Minneapolis (USA), Carlos Bacchi (Brazil), Kumarasen Cooper Penn University (USA), Guido Massi Cattolica University (Italy), Philippe Viehl (France), Vania Nosé MGH (USA), David Klimstra MSKCC (USA), Elvio Silva MD Anderson (USA), Robert Soslow MSKCC (USA) , Matthew Zarka Mayo Clinic (USA), Alena Skalova Charles University (Czech Republic),  Anais Malpica MD Anderson (USA), Cristina Magi-Galluzzi Cleveland Clinic (USA), Bill Faquin MGH (USA) and Martha Pitman MGH (USA). It was particularly satisfying to him when audiences (since 2009) became "international" with attendees coming from around the world. His courses have been held in amazing venues and in a variety of magnetic areas in Italy including Cinque Terre National Park, Florence, Castello di Modanella (Siena), Capri (Naples) and Venice.